Introducing the Nationite RockTab Android tablet

The Nationite Rocktab is our economical Android tablet, that is an all round device that will not put a strain on your pocket book. The Rocktab runs on the Rockchip RK2808 processor and a optimized version of Android 1.5. The 7" screen make the Rocktab ideal for web surfing, ebook reading, picture viewing, video playback and for games. Along with the touch interface is a trackball and accelerometer that can be used for navigation and games.

The Nationite Rocktab has a sold build quality that is far better than what most other devices using the RK2808 processor normally have. The sleek Rocktab is only 11mm thick and weighs less than 80g, making it convenient to carry around, light enough to hold when in bed or while sitting on your sofa.


  • Rockchip RK2808 Processor - 600mHz
  • Built in WiFi for wireless internet connectivity.
  • Android 1.5 operating system - one of the best mobile device operating systems.
  • Large 7" Touch Screen with 800x480 resolution screen
  • Sleek and well built.
  • Multiple language support
  • Load custom ROM or make your own custom ROM, we strongly encourage developers to play and modify the android OS.
  • Accelerometer - 360 degree rotation of the screen!
  • 4hrs for Wifi, 6hrs audio (screen off), 5hrs eBook reading (wifi off)

The Nationite Rocktab comes with Marketplace working, so you can enjoy downloading numerous apps and games available for Android.

First review of the Nationite ROCKtab

We sent several pre-release ROCKtab units out recently to mebers of our forum and slatedroid, for them to play with and review for us.

We are pleased to announce that dragon2knight has the player and has done us proud with some video reviews and an ongoing thread about their experiences, likes and dislikes about the ROCKtab. D2K has told us, and you, exactly what the ROCKtab is all about, where its strengths and weaknesses are and we want you to see this as well, we know what this player is about and what its good at so now you can listen and read a real world review from users just like you - if you are thinking about getting a RockTab then we urge you to read the thread in the forum and watch the video reviews from dragon2knight and then after that come and press the BUY button :)

Video review showing general all round features of the RockTab

Video review showing how well the Rocktab uses the excellent accelerometer in games and how well it works with Droid Comic Viewer.

Read the full thread about the rocktab in our forums


This item carries a 1 year warranty against defects. If any defects arise with the device within the first 30 days we will swap the defective unit for a new unit (new unit sent after we receive the defective unit back) and we will compensate for the return shipping.

  • Processor: Rockchip RK2808 600mHz + DSP
  • RAM : 128MB
  • Internal memory: 4GB / 8GB
  • Expansion memory : micro SDHC up to 16 GB
  • WIFI connectivity - web, facebook, etc etc
  • Operating System : Android 1.5 (customized and optimized)
  • Access to Android market place for app downloads (users will manually have to install this on their own)
  • Supported Languages: English, Chinese, others
  • Display : 800×480 7" LCD
  • Input : Resistive touchscreen (this is not multitouch screen)
  • Audio output : 3.5 mm jack, integrated speakers
  • Networking : 802.11 Wireless b/g/ - built in
  • Peripheral Support: USB HOST (mouse, keyboard, memory stick, etc)
  • Video formats : MKV (H.264 HP)/RMVB/MPEG-4/FLV/MPEG-1/MPEG-2 up to 720p
  • Audio formats : MP3, WMA. FLAC, AAC, AC3, OGG, WAV
  • Image formats : JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Body colr: white only