• Were going green with our A8 cortex based Android Internet tablet
  • Nationites very own custom designed cases, specially made for the s:flo2.
  • The sound you have been searching for - Time to bring your music back to life.
  • Latest High definition set top box from Nationite.
About Us  


Nationite was founded in 2006 with a goal to provide good quality portable media player at an affordable price. The goal of the Nationite brand is not only to bring the best players out of China, but also to develop and create our own media players that are developed around what we feel the consumer is most looking for in todays PMP's. We also provide top level support to all our consumers and we pride our selves on giving the best quality after sales service to every owner of a Nationite player.

Since 2006 the Nationite brand has expanded and now includes set top media players and media streamers, in the same manner as our PMP's, our set top media players also combine the best hardware and performance, all packaged and sold at very affordable prices.

Every year we expand and continue to strive to have attractive and useful products, we will maintain to grow and more people will start to call themselves proud Nationites.