Update guide for Nationite MIDnite

Please follow instruction below to update your Nationite MIDnite

You will loose all data and apps when flashing your MIDnite!.

Please see main product page for firmware downloads Here

Updating Guide
Updating MIDnite to latest firmware
  1. Download the HP Format tool
  2. Format your microsd card to FAT32 .
  3. Download and extract the ROM you intend to use. There should be a file with the name MLO, copy the MLO file first onto the microsd card
    IMPORTANT: You must have formatted your microsd card with the above tool before copying the MLO file.
    IMPORTANT: You must copy the MLO file by itself onto your microsd card, it must be the first file to be copied after formatting.
  4. Copy the rest of the firmware files over to the microsd card
  5. Turn your MIDnite off, insert the microsd card and THEN connect the MIDnite to the wall charger
  6. Hold the power button and the volume down button (the button closest to the power button). Hold both at the same time. Hold both buttons till you see a message on the screen indicating that the ROM is being copied to the MIDnite. You can then let go of the buttons. ,
  7. The flashing of the ROM will take 5 - 10minutes, it will boot up once it has flashed.