Update guide for Nationite HDVP 2

Please follow instruction below to update your Nationite HDVP2 media player.

Please see main product page for firmware downloads Here

Updating Guide
Updating HDVP2 to 4.0 firmware
  1. Download an extract firmware on to a SD card.
  2. File name must remain app_A1H.img - do not remain the file.
  3. Disconnect any external devices you may have attached to your HDVP-2
  4. insert SD card with image file
  5. goto settings -> upgrade -> local update
  6. The update will take about 2 - 3 minutes,
  7. do not turn off your HDVP-2 unit while it is updating. Once the update is done, your HDVP-2 will restart.

Resetting Player back to English

How to reset the player back to English

  1. Start player
  2. Press SETUP button on the remote contro to enter settings menu
  3. Move down 1 place to the second item in the list - press OK - you will see a list of available languages
  4. Press OK to select the top item in the list - you player is now set to English